Update: Wish List

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Nothing too extremely expensive. /sarcasm

Wish List

Using Photoshop

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Using Photoshop and Lightroom is something I do at a minimal level.  I don’t know if this is from laziness on my part or from a dated opinion that pictures should be perfect out of the camera “as is.”  (That was probably bad grammar there, but oh well).  I do believe that making photos look more dramatic or colorful in Photoshop is no different than what masters of the past have done in traditional darkrooms, only now there are no nasty fumes from environmentally unfriendly chemicals.  As I said before, I don’t use these programs much aside from minimal sharpening or adding a watermark. Occasionally I punch up pictures by playing with Curves. There are so many advanced tools to use in Photoshop that seem like a lot of fun that one of these days I may take the time to learn about.

Glen Heggstad's Amazing Photographic Journey

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The government and media love to shove fire and brimstone, doom and despair, fear and panic down our throats.

“The economy’s crashing!”

“The terrorists are coming!”

“The Middle East is evil!”

“Fear what’s different!”

Well I just read something that is no less than inspiring. A man named Glen Heggstad has taken it upon himself to see for himself if humanity was really as inherently evil as it seemed, and he’s made some interesting discoveries along the way. I very highly recommend reading this forum post at the Digital Grin photography community. It is somewhat lengthy but worth your time. At work, I’m always telling people that many of the environment’s problems come from lack of education. Mr. Heggstad illustrates vividly that this is true of our global community as well. Please take the time to check this guy out. You won’t regret it.

In the right light, at the right time…

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Finding something interesting can be hard when you see the same thing every day. Sometimes, though, you happen to look at just the right spot, and the light is hitting that spot at just the right angle.

Click the image for a larger version.

A photo from the new 1030 SW.

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Taken with the macro setting. The snail’s shell was only about 1/4 of an inch.

366 Project Update

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I’ve been on a trip to Kansas/Georgia to visit family. Photo opportunities in the part of Kansas I was visiting were challenging to find, to say the least.

March 20

March 24. This is at the Chicago-O’Hare airport, where we caught our connecting flight from Wichita back down to Atlanta. What…that doesn’t make sense to you either?

March 26. Back in Georgia there were many more interesting pictures to be had. We visited Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium. The aquarium was very crowded, not to mention the dim lighting that goes hand in hand with aquariums, so getting a good shot was challenging. This was one of my favorites.

Click here for more pictures from the Georgia Aquarium and Zoo Atlanta.

Thanks for looking and reading!

Historic Sanford.

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Historic Sanford is definitely a place I’d like to spend more time. I only got a few shots there today. Next week I’m planning on spending some time in historic Winter Park. By the way, isn’t my use of the word ‘historic’ a little funny compared to some other historic places? I mean, a friend of mine went to Scotland last year and hung out at a bar that’s older than the United States.

It’s been a good year so far.

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My husband’s been giving me all sorts of new toys we can’t really afford. But I’m not returning them! >big grin<

First he got me a Wacom tablet for photo editing. It’s made things so much easier. I love it. Then, the other night, he tells me to close my eyes. So I do, and when I open them there’s this nice big camera bag. Cool. ‘Close your eyes again,’ he says. Okay. This time when I open them, I’ve got two new lenses! The 70-300 mm VR and the 10.5 mm fisheye! I haven’t had much of a chance to use the VR yet, but I went out today and had some fun with the fisheye. Here’s a few shots from around town today with it.

Lake Monroe:

‘The Mayor.’ Loch Haven Park.


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I happened to look down as I was climbing some steps and saw this poor little tree frog that didn’t make it through the cold snap.


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January 3rd – Drove out to Blackpoint Drive on Merritt Island. It was windy, and this osprey was getting his feathers ruffled.

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